SEDNA - 3.5" HDD + Slim DVD Combo Internal Dock for 5.25" DVD ROM Bay

SEDNA - 3.5" HDD + Slim DVD Combo Internal Dock for 5.25" DVD ROM Bay
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  • Brand: SEDNA
  • Product Code: SE-IHD-311S-D
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Tags: 2.5", 3.5", ssd, hard disk, solid state disk, mobile rack, floppy bay, hard disk tray, 2.5 inch tray, dvd rom

SE-IHD-311S-D is a combo drive dock, it occupies a standard 5.25 ” space and allow you to install a slim DVD and a 3.5 SATA hard drive. For users whom are lack of case space, it is a good choice to fully utilize your case.
Features: SE-IHD-311S-D is made with ABS plastic and stainless steel. Stainless steel material avoids the risk of plating process and rust problem after usage.
The mechanical has many ingenuities: Tool-less, Screw-less, and Tray-less structure. Fully utillized the space by precised mechanical skill creates two usages for slim DVD and 3.5" HDD space. Push bar connects to the door, gives very smooth feel while inserting and ejecting the HDD. Compatible to all brands of HDD, for all height, thickness and appearance designs. Metal springs to support and align thinner HDD in vertical PC environment. 4 anti-vibration silicon rubbers add on two sides of rack to absorb the vibration from moving and resonance. Hidden LED design, with needle-like opening to show the signal LED. It eliminate the usage of front LED cover, allows the LED directly projects the light without harshing the eyes. Unique & world patent Non-scratch SATA connector (NSS-C) NSS-Connector is a movable connector. It owns world patents, includes EU, USA, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and ets. It gives point-to-point contact with hard drive. It minimizes the friction that may cause the damage or scratch to the hard drive's gold finger. It lengthens the life cycle of hard drive with guarantee 50, 000 duty cycles.


Product name : 3.5" Internal Combo Drive Dock
Type of HDD: 3.5" SATA HDD & 12.7 mm slim optical drive
Product Color: Black
Product Size: 184 x 149 x 42 mm Fits in 5.25" slot of all PC cases
Material: Plastic ABS & Stainless Steel Hot Swappable: Supported Swapping
Guarantee Cycle: Guarantee HDD hot swap cycle upto 50, 000 times
LED: Yes
Anti-Vibration Cushion: 4 silicon rubber on two sides of product
Working Environment: 0 ~ 50°C
Operating System: All
Package Content: 1 x Combo drive Dock

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